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MCX Commodity Market Trend


Market Trend
Price of any stock moves up and down like a wave. Trend and counter-trend. Even though they move up and down, on the whole, they move in one direction – up, down, or sideways.

The direction in which the price of a stock or a group of stocks or the stock market as a whole move is termed as a trend. The trend of a market signifies the movement of the stock prices, in any one direction compared to its historical prices.

Understanding the trend of a stock or market is the first step in technical analysis. If you cannot determine the trend, you cannot trade the markets.

A trend is your friend. Dance with the friend. Tune to the trend.

On this page, you will get Commodity markets trend of major commodities is updated daily for Intraday, Short term, Medium-term


Click for Short-term and Medium-term trend


MCX Daily Support & Resistance

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